Shocked by Unusually High Utility Bills?

Shocked by Unusually High Utility Bills?

You may need electrical services

If your electricity bills have gone up, but your rates haven't, there might be something wrong with your electrical system. Faulty wiring and overloaded circuits are common culprits, but an electrical repair technician can pinpoint the source of your electrical problems.

ABC Electrical offers comprehensive electrical services for home and business owners. We can troubleshoot and repair your electrical panel, circuit breakers and other components quickly. Call 512-310-0062 today to make an appointment.

5 signs it's time to call an electrician

Unusually high utility bills aren't the only sign of electrical problems. Call us right away for electrical services if:

1. Your outlets aren't working.
2. Your lights are flickering.
3. Your lightbulbs burn out frequently.
4. You hear a buzzing noise when you turn your lights on.
5. You smell burning plastic-call us right away at 512-310-0062 for 24/7 emergency electrical services.

These are all warning signs of major electrical problems in your home or office. Don't wait to address these issues. Contact ABC Electrical right away to schedule electrical repair services.